Finally, Sunglasses That Fit My Face!




Photo 22-1-17, 4 58 30 pm.jpg

Yay Sunshine Vintage Red Sunglasses

For many years I have looked everywhere for sunglasses that would actually fit my Asian face. Many of the ones that I had previously would slide down my nose or hit my cheekbones. I was so happy when I discovered Yay Sunshine’s sunglasses and here are three reasons why I love them!

  1. One of the features is an elongated nose pad, which allow for sunglasses to sit higher on the nose. This prevents glasses slippage, a problem that Asians face especially in hot, sweaty summer months.
  2. The increased angle between the arms and frames that means our sunnies don’t rest on your cheeks and don’t fog up.
  3. The flatter front profile means that our sunglasses follow the contours of your face better.

If you’d like to give Yay Sunshine‘ sunnies a go,  use the discount code jamieclee to get 15% off. I know you’ll love them 🙂

Photographer: @maxwell_oz

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